7/8/23: Created a Dante directory and uploaded an essay to the site!
7/6/23: Made some adjustments to the left-hand divs. This update log scrolls now!
7/5/23(!): Returned to editing the site!
2/18/23: Edited "Not Found" page and added a site banner!
2/17/23: Remembered what a flexbox is!

Welcome to the City of Dis.

"Midway in the journey of our life
I came to myself in a dark wood,
For the straight way was lost."

Inf. I 1-3

Apologies for my overextended absence. After my brief bout with COVID, I was overwhelmed by my other responsibilities, and when I had worked through those, I was left exhausted and unmotivated. This period was followed by something like a mental health crisis, though that's nothing anyone should be concerned about.
I am, hopefully, ready to return to working on this site in earnest. I plan on tinkering with the site layout and, now that I have finished a brief essay I wanted to get out of the way (which will be made available to read on this site some time in the coming days), I am ready to embark on a project I've been planning for a while: rereading Inferno and beginning a catalogue of the figures mentioned and seen in the Comedy.
Thank you for your patience, and I am excited to get to work on making this site a space I can truly call my own!

Hello, my name is Christian Ecclesiae. Welcome to my website. I'm an out-of-practice amateur coder hoping to get back into the hobby by making a little corner of the world wide web dedicated to my interests. Such interests include Dante's Comedy, ancient Roman history (particularly the history of the Julio-Claudian dynasty), and videogames such as the God of War franchise. I also enjoy films, particularly those from the 90s and those of the horror genre. Updates may be sporadic due to my other responsibilities.

This website is currently a huge work in progress!